Tim DeChristopher

Rather than entering my long winded diatribe about why I’ve more and more decided to loath what was once the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known, I’m going to rely instead on the following already published accounts of why we should all know Tim DeChristopher.

After you’ve watched the video account of his actions and their consequences, please take the time to read his complete statement at his sentencing .

Are you ashamed too?

History Of US Currency Defaults

Horror!  Tremble in fear for the possibility of (another) currency default.

We never learn, do we?

Cower in terror at the thought of Moody’s downgrading US currency.

What we really ought to do is reflect on past defaults and try to imagine the really horrible consequence of failing to stop this counterfeiting FED enterprise in it’s tracks right now before it’s too late to prevent our winding up like the Weimar Republic.

In it’s customary fashion, Mises.Org describes US currency default history.

Government & Its Banks Hate Liberty – Didn’t Make the 5 O’Clock News

Recently a friend of mine who knows that I’m an anal libertarian sent me an email in which he was complaining about the news orgy that Sarah Palin generates no matter what she says or does.  He knew I held a low opinion of the Forth Estate, and probably wanted someone to agree with his analysis of it’s paparazzi work ethic.  It’s just a symptom.

It would take an astronomically modest libertarian to refrain from saying, “I’ve been complaining about politicians dishonoring their oaths to the constitution and a news media that tries to sensationalize the trivial for 30 years.”   I wish I could be that modest.

The limits that the constitution imposes on the federal government still aren’t respected by the general public.  Until they do, the politicians aren’t going to either.  They continue to beg for “rights” bought with other peoples money, not realizing that every individual right they receive is actually putting money in the pocket of the government’s business partners – but only AFTER it’s been pulled out of theirs.

For instance:

  • Food Stamps – (an invention of J.P. Morgan) the money goes through banks to the food production, distribution and sales industry.
  • Low Income Housing – the money goes through banks to civil engineering companies and contractors, carpenters, real estate developers and all the hardware industries that make up a housing unit… plus also the utility companies that provide the utilities (water, electricity, natural gas, sewerage)
  • Agriculture – the money goes through banks to the makers of farming equipment and food conglomerates like ADM and Con-Agri which also get money from Green Stuff (Energy) funding.
  • Traffic Safety – the money goes through banks to civil engineers, highway construction and maintenance, traffic signal and sign makers, insurance companies, seat belt makers, baby seat makers, plastic, glass, tires, computers, GPS developers
  • Healthcare – the money goes through banks to insurance companies, hospital management companies and their union employees, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic machine developers and producers, alternative food makers
  • Homeland Security – the money goes through banks to… (you can imagine all the companies on the governemnt teet here and I don’t feel like trying to list the top 10 or 20, but it’s almost the same as Warefare listed immediately below)
  • Warfare – the money goes through banks to nearly every company that is in any way connected with building the ingredients of planes, ships, weapons systems, weapons avoidance systems, Armour, engines and propulsion systems, computers – this list is virtually endless,
  • The controlling, regulating and enforcement bureaucracies – they take their money off the top of every single individual item in the above list — AFTER IT GOES THROUGH BANKS.
  • Green Stuff – the money goes through banks to anybody with a crackpot scheme that pretends to, or actually does create an energy source dedicated to reducing our dependence on petroleum.

When I was just a wee lad (70 years ago), this dependency ethic was still being perfected and almost none of the above examples of that ethic were implemented.  Back then about the same number of people starved in the streets, failed at business and developed newer, more efficient methods as they do now.  The big difference between then and now, is that back then you couldn’t know ahead of time whether you’d succeed or fail and then learn through experience the things that went in to success and failure.  Now days, you don’t have to work to get food, shelter, healthcare, or to start a business without concern for its ROI.  No wonder poor people thought they could get rich by simply buying houses in every waking hour.

Only the most immodest libertarian would ever say, “I told you so.”  It’s a pity, but that’s more like me.

I ask myself – “Could Palin be any worse?”  I answer myself, “Only with extreme difficulty.”

Debt Out Of Thin Air?

FED In preparation for an examination of the logic that’s resulted in what we refer to as our centrally planned monetary and central banking system, lets begin with confirming a basic theorem, to wit:  The Federal Reserve creates counterfeit money.

To help define the parameters of that examination, ImALibertarian welcomes dissenting opinions.

Nullify the damnable Patriot Act yourself – personally

After receiving an unresponsive reply from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson to my letter requesting that she oppose any extension of the Patriot Act, I gave her office a phone call.  I asked the person who answered the call to please write my comment down so that she could pass it along to the senator unedited.  She said she would, and so I s-l-o-w-l-y told her this:

I’m not a senator who has to play any political games in order to make my views have anything like the global impact that she does, but I can certainly make sure that on a small scale, my disagreement with the liberty that the senate and congress are attempting to steal from me – are known worldwide.

Here’s how I’ll do it, and here’s how television stations, newspapers and internet bloggers the world over are going to know that it’s her fault:

The next time I get called to federal jury duty, I promise you that if I even suspect that any of the evidence against the accused was acquired by use of Patriot Act provisions that ignore the accused’s 4th and 5th amendment rights, I will vote to acquit – the jury may only be hung, but I will NOT compromise – and I will publicly announce to any news outlet I can attract that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s personal disregard for her oath of office is what motivated, and is directly responsible for that possibly guilty person’s continued freedom.


Math challenged Bernanke

You mean a million, million is a trillion?

Yes.  That’s right.  If I had a trillion dollars, I could give a million people a million dollars each.  Unfortunately, I don’t have an actual trillion dollars, but I can print it up without too much trouble and then loan it (with interest, of course) to Goldman Sachs who (which) will in turn loan it to the US Treasury (with a little higher interest, of course) and nobody will have to pay it back for years and years and years.  The bad thing about giving a million people a million dollars that I’ve borrowed into existence is that a million people have to agree to pay it back with interest.. er… that is, interest on the interest.  Interest on a trillion dollars is a significant amount.  Interest on the interest plus the principal (compounded, of course) is really pretty darned significant.  Regardless of the rate.  But the goal is worth it.  Delaying the day of reckoning until after we’re dead and gone makes it all worthwhile.

Now some of you might think that you can exempt your progeny from the hardship of repaying money they didn’t ask for, and certainly didn’t agree on the interest rate, or the fact that a central banking cartel got rich in the bargain.  You’d be wrong.  It’s not as if you or they will actually get any of the million – you will ever see a nickel of it.  Nevertheless, your grandchildren are either going to repay it, or they’ll have their property confiscated, be put in jail, or if they resist, they’ll be shot.  That’s the way we do things in the big city.