WMD’s our only hope for survival?

After watching the following video, leave a comment explaining why the Iranians shouldn’t feel the need of nuclear weapons.

If Ron Paul isn’t elected president in 2012, we’re all going to be Iranians.  Enemies of the state.

8 thoughts on “WMD’s our only hope for survival?

  1. Right, but this is not a personal (one on one) attack. I was only trying to illustrate the point that an armed 90 pound female can protect herself from a 250 pound attacker when armed with a firearm.

    A whole county would require a bit more firepower. A B1 or mayby an A-10 would be a good start. Hell, get both.

  2. Imagine the crackling radio transmissions as a warrantless SWAT team is surprised by the Property Owners Association’s A-10 as it makes a strafing run with 30mm depleted uranium ordinance across what used to be it’s armored personnel carrier. Clint Eastwood needs to direct the movie.

  3. This is crazy. It’s like some bizarre real-life version of Blazing Saddles, without any of the humor! The city where I was born used the power of imminent domain to take my father’s house (along with the surrounding neighborhood) – offering only below market value in return, to build a new water treatment plant. I was very young at the time, and it felt like a foreign invader had attacked and conquered us all.

    • It IS crazy. I think the most crazy part is that it’s taking place here where we uniquely have a constitution designed to constrain government excess.

      But, this example isn’t unique.

      Sheriff Tony DeMeo of Nye County Nevada explains in three videos how he’s been saddled with federal BLM and Forestry agents who are trying to swindle Nye County ranchers out of their water rights. Just like in the old Roy Rogers Western movie scripts.

      Video One
      Video Two
      Video Three

      Sheriff Mack of Arizona had a similar problem with the federal corps of engineers (COE). A bridge over a river was damaged in a flood. The COE told the county that only they were authorized to repair the bridge. Months went by while parents had to drive their children 50 miles to school to get around the damaged bridge. The county supervisors finally agreed… well.. heck, just listen.

      Sheriff Mack

      Maybe if we elect county sheriffs who will obey their oaths to the constitution, we won’t need the A-10 after all.

  4. You boys and your toys (guns). For starters, this video is from a libertarian website. That’s fine, but it was obvious only one point of view was being presented. We heard nothing about what zoning or other laws might have been in effect before these people settled where they did and built whatever they built. I have no sympathy for them if they were in violation of existing laws — aside from the fact that zoning enforcement officers normally do not show up armed. They likely had already encountered enough threats in the area to fear for their safety. As for conspiracies, I doubt it. The state would use eminent domain if it wanted the property. There are laws and courts to settle disputes like this. Guns, as they usually are, are an over-reaction.

    • From a Libertarian website? We all know what that means, don’t we? No wait… I have to confess that I’m not sure. Exactly what does that mean?

      Pied, if you are right, then why didn’t the county official simply address the question in a normal businesslike manner? This isn’t unique. It’s just one of the most flagrant misuses of government force I’ve ran across in the last couple of days. Prevailing zoning ordinances wouldn’t reasonably depend on a complaint from a neighbor ten miles distant from it’s source, would it? I’d like to believe that you’re right, but I fear that you aren’t.

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