When The MSM Does Not Ignore Ron Paul

In my previous post, I pointed out the way the mainstream media is attempting to ignore Ron Paul or when they do mention his polling numbers, the polls themselves become suspect.  In this post, I will point out that the only thing worse than the mainstream media ignoring Ron Paul is when it decides not to ignore him but instead attempts to denegrate, or ridicule his views.  What’s interesting is that the rivalry that exists between Fox and CNN is put aside as they find the most contraversial Ron Paul statements made during an interview by their competitors and attempt to put him in the position of either defending what’s presented as an outrageous statement, denying it, or admitting that he didn’t mean it.  

The first two videos below illustrate one example of the above tag team strategy used by Fox and CNN.  The last three videos illustrate that Ron Paul knew what he was talking about in the first two videos.  

Chris Wallace (Fox News) interviewing Ron Paul on FEMA in conjunction with hurricane Irene on the Eastern Seaboard asks a series of questions predicated on the premise that Ron Paul’s views are radical, extreme and certainly not mainstream.

Wolf Blitzer (CNN) attempts to get a negative sound bite against Ron Paul from governor O’Malley of Maryland based on Ron Paul’s previous comments about how FEMA is a disaster.  When O’Malley refuses to take the bait and reminds Blitzer to concentrate on the storm and forget politics for a while, Blitzer is shown to be a biased commentator rather than dispassionate news reporter.  Not to worry though, Wolf isn’t ashamed.  When you have no pride in your profession, you don’t worry about shame.

Fox News contemporaneously reporting during and shortly after Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans.  Near the end of this video, a member of Oath Keepers explains why there is a need to get military, as well as, local, state and federal law enforcement officials to swear to obey their oaths to the constitution rather than simply obey a superiors orders when they are clearly unconstitutional.

Wolf Blitzer must have missed the following CNN documentary in which they enumerate and illustrate detail after detail to document FEMA’s irrational, almost unimaginable fraud, waste and symbiotic nature of the corporatism that defines business/government partnerships.
FEMA Waste – part 1.

FEMA Waste – part 2


4 thoughts on “When The MSM Does Not Ignore Ron Paul

  1. Heard this one today (8/29/2011).

    On fox news, one of the idiots actually said, “When I hear what he says, I agree with almost everything, but I just look at him and I go, that’s not my guy”.

  2. I saw that too. A sort of round table of political ignoramuses.

    One of them even said, “There isn’t enough gold for us to go to a gold standard.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    I commented: “In order to be a TV political commentator, you have to pass a rigorous pulse test… If you have one, you pass.”

  3. Blitzer is an idiot. (In a profession full of idiots.)

    “Nobody at all.” I wonder what would happen if we just left the White House empty. If we had that option.

  4. “I wonder what would happen if we just left the White House empty. If we had that option.”

    Damned Skippy!

    I think a good argument can be made that we’d be better off if that had been our choice over the last 30 years. On second thought… make that – the past 70 years.

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