Tim DeChristopher

Rather than entering my long winded diatribe about why I’ve more and more decided to loath what was once the greatest experiment in liberty the world has ever known, I’m going to rely instead on the following already published accounts of why we should all know Tim DeChristopher.

After you’ve watched the video account of his actions and their consequences, please take the time to read his complete statement at his sentencing .

Are you ashamed too?


9 thoughts on “Tim DeChristopher

  1. It’s ridiculous the someone has to put his freedom on the line like that over something that should be such a no-brainer in the first place. But I am ashamed that I haven’t been willing to take that kind of risk for what I believe.

    Speaking of auctions, something that has me “all riled up” is the whole Solving the Debt Ceiling Crisis … With Spectrum? thing. They’ve already forced everyone who wants to watch TV to buy a digital adapter (or a TV that has one built in), or go with a pay TV service. Now they want to auction off the bandwidth that was supposed to allow for greater access to quality free TV to people for what amounts to chump change? Oh hell no! I hope there’s at least one Tim DeChristopher at every damned auction!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I was one of the few who refused to switch to a subscription service and for about a year satisfied myself by raising my antenna to 30 feet. I bought two new digital receivers so that I could watch and record two programs simultaneously. Then a few months ago I noticed that what used to be a pretty good digital signal was suddenly rarely available. Turns out their broadcast signal strength was being steadily reduced. My conspiracy theory is that in return for campaign donations the government presented subscription TV content providers with a ready made monopoly.

      Yours is a good suggestion for me too. I’m going to start paying attention to when and where government sponsored public meetings are being conducted and try to study the issues and speak up before it’s too late.

      Robert A. Heinlein wrote a short story long ago titled, “If This Goes On…” I just hope our next revolution is peaceful.

      • Another Heinlein fan, eh? Your avatar reminds me of him every time I see it. Heinlein is second only to Ayn Rand on my short list of those I count as having played a fundamental role in my philosophical development. His thoughts on the required carrying of ID cards being a sign that it’s time to move on are ringing quite loudly in my head these days!

  2. Izaakmak – It may well be that I’ve been afforded an opportunity to enlighten your life beyond your wildest dreams… If you like Heinlein too, and haven’t been introduced to Isaac Asimov, then I humbly suggest that you pawn whatever you have to – to get his Foundation & Robot Series. In addition to that, his non-fiction books on all matters scientific (biological, mathematical, physical, geological, chemical and astronomical) are almost as good as a college degree. You can thank me later.

    • Too late my friend. Asimov would be the guy holding position number three on that short list I mentioned! Funny thing: though I attended public school less and less after the 6th grade, my decision to stop attending altogether in the 10th was driven almost entirely by the desire to spend as much time as possible in the public library – where I could get a REAL education!

      A desire to read about the space program and space travel naturally lead to reading science fiction. I count myself lucky that the people there, who should have been wondering why I wasn’t in school, actually steered me towards writers like Heinlein and Asimov.

      I own a healthy selection of Asimov’s books still and, though I’ve got only a couple from the Robot series, I do have all of the Foundation series and those that came after he merged the series into one. And his “Life & Energy” still stands, IMHO, as the single best science primer ever written.

      Also funny: My library education was good enough to allow me to get very good scores on my Air Force aptitude tests, and was also good enough to later allow me to pass the G.E.D. tests with average scores above 80%. When I got out of the Air Force, I used that certificate to get into college, where I met another librarian who made the mistake of telling me I sounded just like Ayn Rand during the little “debates” we had when I hung out there between classes!

      • Even better! Astronomically better! If not genetically, we are kindred in spirit. I’m sure we must both remember the first time we ever Groked Grokked a new scientific or political discovery through the meticulous descriptions those two authors gave us.

        Almost everyday something reminds me of reading about a principle of some sort that I read about long ago. For instance, professor Hari Seldon’s psychohistory might have been the blueprint for J. M. Keynes effort to predict future human behavior by statistically analyzing reams of data. It’s a scientific fiction that many believe actually exists.

        If I knew how to do it justice, this topic deserves a separate blog post of it’s own.

      • I’m sitting at my desk looking at my dust-covered, hard-back copy of the original, uncut Stranger in a Strange Land, I’d love to just dive into it, but I’m afraid my depression would just ruin the experience! BTW, I don’t recall ever seeing it written down, but I always thought that “Groked” would be spelled “Grokked” – and wouldn’t you know it, my browser’s spell checker agrees with me!

        I’ve never been much for socializing because there just weren’t many people around that I had the important things in common with. My having adopted the “urban hermit” lifestyle hasn’t exactly helped in the regard either. So you can probably imagine how refreshing it is for me to meet a “kindred spirit” like you, even if it is by way of this interwebby thing.

        I’ll tell you right now my friend: If you ever get the itch to ditch this rock in your AI-controlled space/time translator vehicle (the one with the very sexy female personality), and you’d like a third hand along for the ride, you just give ole Mak a holler! šŸ˜€

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