Nullify the damnable Patriot Act yourself – personally

After receiving an unresponsive reply from Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson to my letter requesting that she oppose any extension of the Patriot Act, I gave her office a phone call.  I asked the person who answered the call to please write my comment down so that she could pass it along to the senator unedited.  She said she would, and so I s-l-o-w-l-y told her this:

I’m not a senator who has to play any political games in order to make my views have anything like the global impact that she does, but I can certainly make sure that on a small scale, my disagreement with the liberty that the senate and congress are attempting to steal from me – are known worldwide.

Here’s how I’ll do it, and here’s how television stations, newspapers and internet bloggers the world over are going to know that it’s her fault:

The next time I get called to federal jury duty, I promise you that if I even suspect that any of the evidence against the accused was acquired by use of Patriot Act provisions that ignore the accused’s 4th and 5th amendment rights, I will vote to acquit – the jury may only be hung, but I will NOT compromise – and I will publicly announce to any news outlet I can attract that Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s personal disregard for her oath of office is what motivated, and is directly responsible for that possibly guilty person’s continued freedom.


2 thoughts on “Nullify the damnable Patriot Act yourself – personally

  1. The only real problem with that proposal is that I’ve only been called to federal jury duty one time in my 50 years as an adult. I wonder if there’s some way to volunteer for jury duty?

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